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Santorini island or Thira belongs to the complex of Cyclades and it is among the most famous holiday destinations for Greeks and foreigners. Volcano and the sunset have made Santorini famous all around the world. If you decide to spend your holidays in the island don't miss taking an excursion to the volcano or visit Oia and enjoy the most romantic sunset. Thousands of people gather there every day at dawn to see this magic spectacle. As for nightlife, Fira, Santorini's capital offers you nights full of rhythm. But if you prefer to relax you can enjoy your drink at the numerous bars, which literally are hanging above the sea, on sharp cliffs and offer you a breathtaking view of the volcano. Before leaving Santorini don't forget to buy fava, small tomatoes and the famous red visanto wine.


A village built on the most irrelevant part of the island about 12 km from Fira to the southwest.The excavations in that area brought up the city of Acropolis, a fortified Venetian castle during the medieval years, which after the occupation of Santorini by the Turks was torn down. The remains of the castle are easily visible. There are two old churches in the village, Aghia Triada and Ipapandi tou Sotiros.
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